Dr. Robert P. Kahn-Rose, MD


Dr. Robert P. Kahn-Rose, MD has been a Board Certified Psychiatrist since 1986 and a State of California Qualified medical Evaluator since 1982. He graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1981 and received post-Graduate training at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics.

Dr. Kahn-Rose has been an Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry at UCLA since 1999. He has also held several prestigious positions throughout the years, such as: Medical Director, Mental Health Unit at Encino-Tarzana Hospital, Chairman, Department Behavioral Health at Northridge Hospital, Director, UCLA’s Alzheimer  Disease and Memory Disorders Services and Geropsyhiatrist at West Los Angeles Veteran’s Administration Medical Center among others since 1985.

Phone: (626) 435-9500        Email: support@forensicpsychgroup.com

Dr. Robert P. Kahn-Rose, MD - Forensic PSYCH Group