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Agreed and Qualified Medical Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluations (AME/QME)

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  • Cheri Adrian, Ph.D., QME

    Dr. Cheri Adrian, California Licensed Psychologist (PSY12255), received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA and has amassed 30 years of experience in clinical and…
  • Jon F. Chaffee, M.D., QME

    Jon F. Chaffee, M.D.,  has been a Board Certified Psychiatrist since 1995 and a State of California Qualified Medical Evaluator for the past several years.…
  • James L. Deck, Ph.D., QME

    James L. Deck, Ph.D., QME, has been a licensed psychologist since 1991, and has evaluated and treated workers’ compensation claimants for the past 28…
  • Sharon Goldstein, Ph.D., QME

    Sharon Goldstein, Ph.D., QME, has practiced in the workers’ compensation arena since 1990, and has been a State of California Qualified Medical Evaluator since…
  • Joshua E. Pretsky, M.D., QME

    Dr. Joshua Pretsky is a board certified psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience conducting AME and QME evaluations, and treating injured workers.…
  • Stefanie D. Peters, Ph.D, QME

    Dr. Stefanie D. Peters, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has over 25 years experience serving as an expert for both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide…
  • Jill K. Torres, Ph.D., QME

    Jill K. Torres, Ph.D., QME,  has been performing QMEs, AMEs, Fitness for Duty and Pre-surgical Psychological Clearance evaluations since 2011.  She has extensive knowledge and…
  • Sasha Watts, Ph.D., QME

    Sasha Watts, Ph.D. has been a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the state of California for the past ten years. She has specialized in the…
  • Dr. Robert P. Kahn-Rose, MD

    Dr. Robert P. Kahn-Rose, MD has been a Board Certified Psychiatrist since 1986 and a State of California Qualified medical Evaluator since 1982. He…
  • David Zakin, Ph.D., QME

    Dr.  David Zakin, Clincal Psychologist, has a clinical specialization in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  He  has taught workshops and conducted training sessions on the diagnosis and…
Forensic PSYCH Group is proud to be an active and supportive member  of the California Workersʻ Compensation Community. Our doctors and support staff  are committed to providing exceptional evaluations, service and reports.

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