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Psychiatric and Psychological
Agreed and Qualified Medical Evaluations

  • Forensic PSYCH Group’s team of highly respected evaluators has vast experience in the California Workers’ Compensation arena.
  • Our evaluators draw on their impressive résumés of forensic and clinical expertise when approaching Agreed and Qualified Medical Evaluations.
  • Evaluations include an unrushed and comprehensive applicant interview, placing importance on the well-being and functionality of the injured worker.
  • We offer same-day administration of appropriate psychological testing coupled with expert analysis and discussion by the evaluator.
  • Medical records are thoroughly reviewed and discussed, and our reports include a listing of all records and documents reviewed.
  • We provide timely reports with clearly stated opinions. Our evaluators’ conclusions are supported by analysis that meets the standards of substantial medical evidence for the key issues of:
      • Diagnosis using the DSM-IV-TR
      • Causative elements and predominant cause, including Rolda analysis when indicated
      • Disability Status
      • Discussion of the GAF rating of Permanent Psychiatric Disability
      • Apportionment per LC§§ 4663 and 4664, Escobedo and Benson
      • Discussion of Future Medical Care
      • Determination of Ability to Return to Work

simply put,
our evaluations
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