Forensic PSYCH Group

Psychiatric and Psychological
Agreed and Qualified Medical Evaluations

Forensic PSYCH Group’s team of highly respected evaluators with extensive experience in the California Workers’ Compensation arena.

Our evaluators draw on their impressive experience in forensic and clinical when approaching Agreed and Qualified Medical Evaluations.

Evaluations include a comprehensive applicant interview, placing importance on the well-being and functionality of the injured worker.

We offer same-day administration of appropriate psychological testing coupled with expert analysis and discussion by the evaluator.

Medical records are thoroughly reviewed and discussed, and our reports include a listing of all records and documents reviewed.

We provide timely reports with clearly stated opinions.

Our evaluators’ conclusions are supported by analysis that meets the standards of substantial medical evidence for the key issues of:

  • Diagnosis using the DSM-IV-TR
  • Causative elements and predominant cause, including Rolda analysis when indicated
  • Disability Status
  • Discussion of the GAF-rating of Permanent Psychiatric Disability
  • Apportionment per LC§§ 4663 and 4664, Escobedo and Benson
  • Discussion of Future Medical Care
  • Determination of Ability to Return to Work

simply put,
our evaluations
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